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About Us:

Building a Better Environment connects individuals, families, and communities in fostering a culture that supports and empowers families and in building the capacity to support change. BaBE’s foundation comprises of community members and also includes: Public Health, Kids First staff, caregivers, students, health professionals, and researchers.  BaBE, in its original form (Building a Breastfeeding Environment), was officially launched on June 21st, 2014 at a public event held at the People’s Place Library in Antigonish.   BaBE was relaunched in its new form as Building a Better Environment on June 6th, 2018 at noon at the Nurture Nook (a new family friendly space) located in the Antigonish Market Square.

Our Vision for BaBE:

Empowered families, supportive communities.

Our Mission:

Creating nurturing environments that empower families to flourish.


Create an environment where families feel confident in their choices and feel empowered.

To collaborate with community partners to help identify gaps in supports for families and to work to figure out how to best address those gaps.  To promote existing family supports.

To increase opportunities for connection and support in the post-partum period.

To increase opportunities for families to make connections within the community and to build social support networks.

Advocate for supportive work environments for families.

Work with community members to promote and establish inclusive opportunities to socialize and build relationships.

Work with community members to establish a plan for understanding and evaluating interventions to promote a nurturing and supportive environment for families.


About Us: