Student Research


Environmental Biogeosciences

St. Francis Xavier University


Interested students should contact me directly to inquire about availability of undergraduate and graduate projects.  There is an active MSc program in Earth Sciences at StFX. I supervise PhD students as an Adjunct at Dalhousie University.  Graduate students can also be supervised through an agreement between StFX and Memorial University.

Examples of recent student projects:

Impact of biochar addition on pH and Cd concentration in soils leached with diluted

sulfuric acid (C. Ross, BSc)

Assessment of the Performance Efficacy of Lanthanum-Modified Bentonite in Suppressing Phosphate Release from Sediment Cores using an Adapted Spectrophotometric Method (J. Laforest, BSc)

Soil Organic Carbon Mineral Associations and Specific Analysis of Sequential Mineral

Fractions for a Nova Scotia Managed Forest Site (M. Argento, BSc)

Nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogren-loaded, oxygen-rich riverine systems in Prince Edward Island, Canada (D. Pink, MSc)

Examining mineral-associated soil organic carbon pool dynamics following clearcut harvesting in a temperate red spruce forest chronosequence (S. MacIntyre, MSc)

Evaluating nitrogen losses from agricultural drainage systems to improve best management practices in Atlantic Canada (A. Vosman, MSc)

Losses of carbon from mineral-associated soil organic matter in podzolic horizons following soil climatic changes associated wtih forest clear-cut harvesting (C. Gabriel, PhD)

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Flux from Prince Edward Island and Kouchibouguac National Park Salt Marsh Sediments: Environmental Controls and Implications for Blue Carbon (B. Roughan, MSc)