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"When we build, let us think that we build forever."
John Ruskin, The Seven Lamps of Architecture,1848

This web site was created as a component of the course History 300, "A Cultural and Intellectual History of Canada," taught by Professor Laurie Stanley-Blackwell at St. Francis Xavier University. Based on an architectural field survey of Antigonish, this project was designed to introduce students to the changing fashions, forms and components of Antigonish's architectural history. The History 300 class for 1997-1998 attempted to analyze selected examples of Antigonish's architectural heritage in terms of structure, style and sources of influence. They also explored the history behind the people who lived and worked in them.

Professsor L. Stanley-Blackwell provided direction for the overall development of the site, edited student summaries, and prepared the general text and research guidelines. Jamie Symonds contributed as a research assistant and is responsible for the site design and technical aspects of this website creation. The team which prepared summaries on selected Antigonish buildings included the following students: Peggy Archibald, Jessica Bradley, Lisa Illsley, Daniel Jankowski, Jeff Jarabek, Carolyn Lewis, Corey Lewis, Annie Mahoney, Crystal McCormick, Cindee Moore, Michele Murray, Stephanie Purcell, Carol Ann Sullivan, Denise Surette, and Robyn Veinotte. Ms. Jocelyn Gillis, curator of the Antigonish Heritage Museum, generously contributed to the project and provided invaluable assistance to the students. Tom Buckley, Technology Support Representative - Academic at St. Francis Xavier University also assisted in the realization of this site. Special thanks is extended to the Antigonish Registry Office for providing the students free access to its records.

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