Col. the Hon. George F.G. Stanley (1907-2002)
C.C., C.D., K.St.J., D.Phil., F.R.S.C., F.R.Hist.S., &c.

Historian, Author, Soldier, Teacher, Public Servant, and Designer of the Canadian Flag


Bibliography of Dr. Stanley's Publications

Photo Gallery

The Story of Canada's Flag (Toronto, 1965)
Flag designer recalls controversy, CBC Television, 15 February 1995 [video clip]
Article on the origins of Canada's flag, The Ottawa Citizen, 15 February 2002
Dr. Stanley's flag memorandum, 23 March 1964
John Matheson's postcard to Dr. Stanley, 15 December 1964
The man behind the flag: George Stanley has stepped onto the pages of Canadian history, New Trail Magazine, Winter 1996-1997 [University of Alberta Alumni Association]
A flag for Canada: the story of a debate that gripped the entire country, CBC Documentary Special, 1 July 2003
The flag: distinctively our own, The Canadian Encyclopedia
"One Single Leaf: The Ballad of George Stanley"
(lyrics and music by Lisa Lapointe, Autumn 2002; hear the song)
Article on "One Single Leaf: The Ballad of George Stanley," The New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, 16 February 2004

Obituary from The Ottawa Citizen, 14 September 2002
Obituary from The Globe and Mail [Toronto], 2 October 2002
Obituary from the Bulletin [Canadian Historical Association], vol. 28 (2002), no. 3, pp. 6-7
Obituary from the Legion Magazine, November/December 2002
Obituary from The Sackville Tribune-Post, 18 September 2002
Obituary from the Argosy [Mount Allison University], 19 September 2002
Obituary from L'Acadie Nouvelle [Bathurst, NB], 16 September 2002
Obituary from Limelight [Kingston Historical Society], October 2002, p. 3
Funeral Sermon
The George Stanley Lecture Series in Canadian Studies
Recollections of Ken Armstrong, a former RMC cadet, from The Peterborough Examiner [Peterborough, Ontario], 6 August 2003, p. 26; reprinted with additional illustrations in Veritas: The Newsletter of the RMC Club of Canada, Issue 016/2005
"Colonel The Honourable George F.G. Stanley's Visit to Edinburgh Castle" [A March for Bagpipes]
Grant of Armorial Bearings to Dr. George F.G. Stanley, 3 March 1970

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