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Vol. XXXIV, 2018



Renaissance Humanism, the Protestant Reformation, and Jacques Maritain

L’humanisme de la Renaissance, la Réforme protestante, et Jacques Maritain


Luther: Subject and Subjectivism    3
    David C. Bellusci, O.P.

Two Views on Justification: Martin Luther and Jacques Maritain      23
    Scott Ventureyra

The Formation of the Analogical Concept of Life:  Exposition of Metaphysical Methodology    39
    Matthew Kenneth Minerd

“The soul sleeps, but her heart is awake:”  Jacques Maritain’s Aesthetics and Literary Theory—
An Attempt at Application    57
    Maciej Wąs

Imaging Maritain’s Renaissance Humanism and Reformation
in African Christianism: A Critical Philosophical Assessment    81
    Stanley Uche Anozie

Two Humanisms in Pico della Mirandola’s Oration on the Dignity of Man    105
    Michael A. Schintgen

Nostalgia or Criticism? A New Middle Ages in Maritain, Berdyaev, Sorokin    115
    Frederick Matern

Vol. XXIX, 2013


Religion, Politics and the Arts / La Religion, La Politique et les Arts

Is Religious and Political Art Really Art?    3
Elizabeth Trott

What is Beauty?    15
William Sweet

Creative Experience on the Stage: Stanislavski,Erlebnis, and Scholasticism    26
Frederick Matern

Jacques Maritain and Poetic Intuition    40
David Bellusci, O.P.

Religion, Politics & The Metaphysics of the Arts    53
Leslie Armour

Non Thematic Paper
Justice, Virtue and Character: An Aristotelian Interpretation    73
Rajesh Chandra Shukla
Book Review
Responses to the Enlightenment: An Exchange on Foundations, Faith, and Community  By William Sweet and Hendrik Hart  90
Michael Da Silva

Vol. XXV 2009

Religion, Politics and Society: Maritain and Beyond
La religion, la politique et la société:penser avec Maritain et au-delà

Catholicism, Freedom of Conscience and Democracy / William Sweet
Maritain et la question du consensus social des sociétés démocratiques : accord pragmatique ou accord de fond? / Louis Perron
The Allure of Consent and the Interpretation of Aquinas on Political Authority / Leonard Ferry
Confrontation Between Civilization, Religions and Professions of Faith / Marco Damonte
The Role of Religion in Society / Charles LePage
Maritain, Cudworth and The Problem of Political Theology / Leslie Armour
Compassion and Justice in The Merchant of Venice: A Political Critique of Care-Based Ethics / Stephanie Boisvert
Revitalizing Aristotle's Notions of Corporeal Unity and Natural Law With Aquinas’ Principle of Mediated Inherence / François F. Savard
What Does It Mean To Be A Thomist? / Robbie Moser

Book Review
Barbarism and Religion. Volume Four: Barbarians, Savages and Empires By J. G. A. Pocock / Bharathi Sriraman

Vol. XXIV 2008

Maritain, the Natural Law, and Applied Ethics

The Person, Natural Law, and the Good of Pluralist Societies: Some Thoughts from Maritain’s Political Philosophy / Mario O. D’Souza CSB
Application of the Natural Law in the Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas / David J. Klassen
Seneca and the Old Stoics On Natural Law and Suicide / Dimitrios Dentsoras
Maritain, Machiavelli, and the Problem of Machiavellianism: Maritain’s Challenge to Political Leaders / Jason P. Blahuta
John Brown and the Morality of Sedition / Stephen Rocker
Weber, Maritain and Torture: A Personalist Challenge to Weberian Politics / Paul F.Curry
Maritain, Just War Theory, and Responding to Campaigns of Terror / William Sweet
Empowerment Without Sovereignty: Maritain’s Personalist Alternative to Hegemony / Walter J. Schultz

Book Reviews
Jazz Age Catholicism: Mystic Modernism in Postwar Paris 1919 – 1933. By Stephen Schloesser / Walter J. Schultz
Much Ado About Nonexistence. By A. P. Martinich and Avrum Stroll / John Lewis
The Rise and Fall of the Soul and Self: An Intellectual History of Personal Identity. By Raymond Martin and John Barresi / Mark Bronson

Vol. XXIII, 2007

Maritain and the Philosophy of Nature

God and Nature: Is the Divorce Final? / Leslie Armour
Matter: From Evil to Subjectivity / Richard Feist
The Recent Travails of Hylomorphism / François Savard
Saving the Wilderness: When Beauty is Not Enough / Elizabeth Trott
Dialectic and Demonstration in the Philosophy of Nature / Christopher S. Morrissey
Christian Philosophy, Critical Realism and the Apprehension of Existence: Etienne Gilson’s “Knowledge and Existence” / Michael DeMoor

Non Thematic Papers
Justice, Piety, and Mercy: A Thomist Inquiry / James G. Hanink
The Migration of Philosophical Texts: Buddhist Critical Social Theory and Robert Hattam‘s Awakening-Struggle / Veronique Tomaszewski Ramses

Vol. XXI, 2005

Maritain, Politics, and the Ethical

Freedom For Friendship: Maritain's Christian Personalist Perspective on Global Democracy and the New World Order / Walter J. Schultz
Maritain on Religion in a Democratic Society: Man and the State
Revisited / Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
Escaping Determinate Being: The Political Metaphysics of Jacques Maritain and Charles De Koninck / Leslie Armour
Maritain on Human Fellowship and the Evil of Genocide / Nikolaj Zunic
Jacques Maritain and Natural Rights: The Priority of Metaphysics over Politics / David J. Klassen
'Autonomous Worlds': Maritain's Division of Art and Ethics / Edward Tingley
Human Dignity and the Possibility of a Global Ethic / Kevin Sullivan
Dancing in Circles: Liberal Justifications of Negative Rights / Louis Groarke
After Christendom: Maritain, Spinoza and Us / Graeme Hunter


Western Encounter with Indian Philosophy, Edited by Augustine Thottakara, cmi. / Bharathi Sriraman
The Two Eyes of Spinoza & Other Essays on Philosophers. By Leszek Kolakowski. / Graeme Hunter
Philosophy of Being - A Reconstructive Essay in Metaphysics. By Oliva Blanchette. / Peter Harris
Selfhood and Authenticity. By Corey Anton / Irene Switankowsky
Dr. Radhakrishnan and Christianity. An Introduction to Hindu-Christian Apologetics. By Joshua Kalapati / Bharathi Sriraman
God and Argument / Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique, Edited with an Introduction by William Sweet / David Bellusci, O.P.
Truth Matters: Essays in Honor of Jacques Maritain. Edited, with an introduction by John G. Trapani, Jr. / Walter J. Schultz
Christian Mysticism: An International Conference / Walter J. Schultz

Vol. XX, 2004

Maritain and Immortality

Socrates' Argument for Immortality: Socrates, Maritain, Grant and the Ontology of Morals / Fred Wilson
Self, God, and Immortality in Josiah Royce / David Bellusci
The Infinite and the Ethical / Richard Feist
Leibniz and Maritain on the Question of Immortality / Bharathi Sriraman
Reflection, Goodness, and Immortality / Leslie Armour
Must Souls be Immortal? The Gaia Hypothesis and Scientific Souls / Elizabeth Trott
Training for Democracy through the Education of the Will according to Jacques Maritain / Miguel Rumayor
Morley Callaghan’s Christian Personalist Politics / William Closson James
How Catholic Philosophy can engage Secular Culture in Education / Sr. Prudence Allen, R.S.M.
The Act of Not Creating: God and the concept of advertent omissions / Paul Groarke


Kusum Jain, Foundation of Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal of the Theories of Maritain and Radhakrishan / Paul Groarke
Ed. Peter A. Redpath, A Thomistic Tapestry: Essays in Memory of Etienne Gilson / Steven Baldner
Francisco Suarez, On Creation, Conservation, and Concurrence (Metaphysical Disputations 20, 21, and 22) Tr. / Ed. Alfred J. Freddoso / Steven Baldner
Antony Kalliath, cmi, Christian Leadership: The Shifting Focus in Theological Education / Irene S. Switankowsky
Eds. Marco Borghi and Letizia Postiglione Blommestein, For an Effective Right to Adequate Food / Gregory J. Walters
Ed. Douglas A. Ollivant, Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing / Richard Feist

Vol. XIX, 2003

Maritain and New Approaches to Being

On Being Human   /   William Sweet     3
The Ontological Foundation of Hannah Arendt's Concept of Love and Its Implications for Ethics   /    Charles LePage    21
The Magic of Intuition   /    Nikolaj Zunic    43
Being a "Who" in the 21st Century: Augustine, Arendt, and Ricoeur on the Unity of Identity   /    Iain McKenna    54
Revealing Being through Good Design   /     Elizabeth Trott    62
Being and Knowledge   /    Leslie Armour     71
Ziran and Wuwei: A Maritainian Reading    /    Jude Chua Soo Meng    85

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews

Aristotle: On Poetics, Tr. Seth Benardete and Michael Davis; intro. Michael Davis.  
 Jonathan Lavery    101
James T. Byrnes, John Paul II & Educating for Life: Moving Toward a Renewal of Catholic Educational Philosophy.  
 Walter J. Schultz    103
Bernard Bosanquet, The Philosophical Theory of the State and Related Essays. (Ed.) Gerald F. Gaus and William Sweet. 
 Paul Groarke    105
(Eds.) Arto Laitinen and Nicholas H. Smith, Perspectives on the Philosophy of Charles Taylor.  
 Craig Beam    107
The Symposium of Plato: The Shelley Translation. Tr. Percy Bysshe Shelley. (Ed.) David K. O'Connor.  
 Louis F. Groarke    108
Leszek Kolakowski, Religion If There Is No God: On God, the Devil, Sin and Other Worries of the So-Called Philosophy of Religion
 James Gerrie    113
(Eds.) Alice Ramos and Marie I. George, Faith, Scholarship, and Culture in the 21st Century. 
 Robert A. Delfino    115

    Books Received    119   

Vol. XVIII, 2002

     Maritain and the Limits of Science / Maritain et les limites de la science       

Fine Tuning and Divine Design /     John Leslie      3
Maritain's Critique of the Science of Psychoanalysis /     Mathew Anderson and Sarah Anderson     14
Maritain, Einstein, and Special Relativity /     Lawrence Dewan, O.P.    29
On the Philosophy of Organism /     Ralph Nelson    45
Science and Our Reading of the World  /     Leslie Armour    57
Sanctity and the Scientist /     Walter James Schultz     74
Arendt's Critique of Scientific Progress and Maritainian Metaphysics /    Charles LePage    91
Whitehead and the Limits of Science /    Richard Feist    101
Order, Chaos and the Role of Reason /    Elizabeth Trott    115

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews

(Ed.) William Sweet, The Bases of Ethics  /    Charles LePage    127
(Ed.) Roman T. Ciapalo, Postmodernism and Christian Philosophy /     Steven Baldner    134
(Ed.) Robert Royal, Jacques Maritain and the Jews /     James Gerrie    136
 (Ed.) Marin Calin and Magdalena Dumitrana, Values and Education in Romania Today / Lavinia Stan     141

Books Received    143 

Vol. 17, 2001

Maritain, Art, and Knowledge
Maritain, l’art, et la connaissance

The World as a Work of Art /  Leslie Armour  3
Maritain, Northrop Frye, and the Limits of Poetic Knowledge /  Elizabeth Trott  30
On Hearing and Understanding Music /  Gabor Csepregi  38
Gilson, Maritain and Garrigou-Lagrange on the Possibility of Critical Realism /  Jason West  49
Hegel and Maritain on Philosophy of Art:  Incompatibility or Complementarity? /  Stephen Rocker  70
Exploring the New Classicism: Reflections on Stravinsky and Maritain c.1920-1940 /  R. Mathias  79
The Eclipse of the Person in Postmodern Iconography /  Walter James Schultz 87

Textes hors thème / Studies 

Wounds of the Intelligence /  James G. Hanink      103
Artificial Intelligence, Thomistic Angelology and Intuitivity: a proposal for a new appreciation of Maritain’s intuition of being /  Jude Chua Soo Meng     112

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews

The common things : essays on Thomism and education. Ed. by Daniel McInerny
Steven Baldner        125
Natural Law: reflections on theory and practice by Jacques Maritain. Ed. with introductions and notes, by William Sweet
Mathew Anderson      128
Freedom, virtue, and the common good. Ed. by Curtis L. Hancock & Anthony O. Simon; with epilogue by Michael Novak.
Louis Groarke       130
Intuition and Reality:  A Study of the Attributes of Substance in the Absolute Idealism of Spinoza. By James Thomas
Philip Ferreira       132
Critique and Totality. By Pierre Kerszberg
Richard Feist        136
Freedom in the modern world : Jacques Maritain, Yves R. Simon, Mortimer J. Adler. Ed. by Michael D. Torre
Charles LePage       138

Books Received and Announcements    143

Vol. 16, 2000

Maritain, Newman and the Future of the University
Maritain, Newman et l'avenir de l'université

The Ideals of Knowledge and the Idea of a University /  Leslie Armour   3
Newman, Maritain, and Thoughts on Education / Elizabeth Trott  24
Some Philosophers on the University / Lawrence Dewan, O.P. 35
Intellectual Unity, Intellectual Virtues, and Intellectual Culture /  Mario O. D'Souza, CSB 59
The Idea of a Catholic University: Newman on the Role of Theology in a Liberal Education /  John Goyette and William Mathie 71
Intuition vs Conceptualisation? Vers une solution Blondélienne au débat épistémologique classique sur l'idée d'université /  Emmanuel Tourpe  92
Beyond Tolerance: Integral Personalism as a Foundation for the Recognition of Diverse Spiritual Families within Catholic Education /  Walter James Schultz 107
Approaches to Wisdom: Newman and Maritain on the University /  John Killoran 131
Correspondance de 1944 autour de la démission de l'Ecole Libre: Jacques
Maritain à Gustave Cohen / Stephen Steele 145

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews

Thomas Langan, The Catholic Tradition / Jason West 159

Vol. 15, 1999

Maritain and Gilson in Canada
Platonism and Aristotelianism in Maritain and the Scholastic Tradition

  Jean-Louis Allard Quelques souvenirs et un peu d'histoire (Remarks on the 20 years since the founding of the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association, 12 Oct 1979)

Armand Maurer, c.s.b. Some Memories of Jacques Maritain
 Lawrence Dewan, o.p. Jacques Maritain in Toronto
 Leslie Armour Maritain, Canada, and the Scholastic Tradition
 Lawrence Dewan, o.p. Gilson and the actus essendi
Louis Finbarr Groarke The Politics of Recognition and the Master State: Taylor and de Koninck on the Canadian Federation
 James Thomas Maritain's Criticism of Descartes' Theory of Error
 Leslie Armour and Suzie Johnston The Ethics of the Infinite
Lawrence Dewan, o.p. St Thomas and Moral Taxonomy
Sebastien Charles Turgot ou la pensée fragmentée

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews
 Ronald McCamy, Out of a Kantian Chrysalis? A Maritainian Critique of Fr. Maréchal /  James Thomas

Vol. 14, 1998

Maritain and the Concept of the Person / Maritain et la personne

James Hanink: "Maritain & Ratzinger:  Puzzles about the Person"
Michael Torre: "Damascene, Aquinas, and Maritain on the Human Person"
James Thomas: "Love and Exploitation: Another Self as a Gift"
Leslie Armour: "Infinity, Person & Immortality"
Gabor Csepregi: "La personne et ses modèles"
Syliane Charles: "La notion de personne chez Nicolas Berdiaeff"
Phil Lancaster: "Community and Political Identity"
Walter J. Schultz: "Announcing a Way of Being Human as a
Response to Totalitarianism"
Sr. Prudence Allen, r.s.m.: "Can Feminism be a Humanism?"
William Sweet: "Persons, Precepts, and Maritain's Account
of the Universality of Natural Law"

Vol. 13, 1997

Maritain and the Uses of Reason / Maritain et les usages de la raison

Lawrence Dewan, o.p. Jacques Maritain, St. Thomas, and the Birth of Metaphysics
Emmanuel Tourpe Le débat de Maritain avec Blondel sur l'intelligence: Vers une solution
Jennifer Harris Jacques Maritain and George Steiner: The Possibility of Presence
Bernard Vinaty, o.p. Mode d'emploi pascalien de la raison
Jean-François Méthot La raison comme usage
Louis Perron Le statut spéculatif de la raison incertaine
Eduardo Andújar L'intelligence sentante récupère l'objet
Gerry Wilson Irrationalism to Rationality:Romans to Anselm in the Thought of Karl Barth, with Some Reflections on Jacques Maritain
Danièle Letocha Raison rhétorique et socialité: le cas Isocrate
Leslie Armour The Reunion of Reason and Experience

Comptes rendus - Book Reviews

André Vauchez, The Laity in the Middle Ages  / Robert Kennedy

Vol. 12, 1996

Maritain and the Natural Law - Maritain et la loi naturelle

"Natural Law and the First Act of Freedom: Maritain Revisited" Lawrence Dewan, o.p
"Maritain's Criticisms of Natural Law Theories" William Sweet
"Le statut de l'éthique aristotelicienne dans la morale `adéquatement prise' de Jacques Maritain" / Lionel Ponton
"Pascal croyait-il en la loi naturelle?" Bernard Vinaty, o.p.
"Augustinian Wisdom and Natural Law" Murray Littlejohn
"L'idee de la loi naturelle dans le contexte actuel de la raison pratique" / Louis Perron
"Between Inconsistent Nominalists and Egalitarian Idealists" / Ralph Nelson
"Foundational Virtues for Community" Sr. Prudence Allen, r.s.m

Textes hors-thème
"La structure ontique de la communaute d'apres Edith Stein"  / Chantal Beauvais

No. 11, 1995

sommaire - contents

Theories of the History of Philosophy: A Symposium

Introduction 3
History of Philosophy, Personal or Impersonal?: Reflections on Etienne Gilson / Lawrence Dewan, o.p.   7
Histoire de la philosophie et philosophie au tribunal de la verité / Henri-Paul Cunningham   32
The Pandora's Box Model of the History of Philosophy / Alan Gabbey   61
Saying What Aristotle Would Have Said / Martin Tweedale   75
Richard Rorty's History-of-Philosophy-As-Story-of-Progress / Patricia Easton   85
Problemes de philosophie sociale au Québec: l'ideé de pauvreté apres 1840 / André Vidricaire   98
History and Ethics / Ralph McInerny   146

Jacques Maritain and Contemporary Theories of Knowledge
Jacques Maritain et les théories contemporaines de la connaissance

Can There Be Moral Knowledge? / William Sweet   159
Connatural Knowledge / James Thomas   191
Maritain, Gilson, and the Ontology of Knowledge / Leslie Armour   202
St. Thomas and Pre-Conceptual Knowledge / Lawrence Dewan, o.p.   220
The Education of Natural Intelligence and the Intellectual Virtues: Has Education Pastiche had
the Last Laugh? / Mario O. D'Souza, c.s.b.   234

No. 10, 1994

   The Idea of a Perennial Philosophy: A Symposium

La philosophia perennis: De la continuité et du progrès en philosophie
    Jean-Louis Allard
La philosophia perennis et la notion de sens commun
    Léon Charette
Man: The Perennial Metaphysician
    Lawrence Dewan, o.p.
Justifying the Perennial Philosophy
    Hugo Meynell
What Leibniz Thought Perennial
    Graeme Hunter
The Idea of a Perennial Philosophy
    Leslie Armour

On Maritain's Approches de Dieu (1953)

Self, Deconstruction and Possibility: Maritain's Sixth Way Revisited
    Leslie Armour
Approches de Dieu: un survol
    Léon Charette
The Inaccessible God
    James Thomas
Beyond the Sovereignty of Good
    Ralph Nelson
Jacques Maritain and the Nature of Religious Belief
    William Sweet
God and Maritain's Philosophy of Education: Uninvited Guests at the Postmodern Party
    Mario O. D'Sousa, c.s.b.

No. 5, avril 1989


Introduction . . . 5

Concerning the Person and the Common Good . . . 7
Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
The Canadian Tradition and the Common Good . . .23
Leslie Armour
Le droit naturel et le droit des gens d'apres Jacques Maritain . . .41
Léon Charette
The Right, the Left, and the Person . . .63
Pierre L'Abbé
About the Use of the Words "Riqht"and "Left" . . . 75
Richard Bastien
Virtue and the Common Good: The Thomistic Roots of Maritain's Personalism . . . 83
John Brendan Killoran
La vie humaine comme processus éducatif . . .103
Jean-Louis Allard

No. 4, 1988
published as:

Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics
John F. X. Knasas, Editor


No. 3, 1987

No. 2, avril 1986


Introduction . . . 3
Première partie
Pierre Germain
A lAuditorium des Anciens: Une soirée en hommage aux Pères Obiats qui ont enseigné
à la Faculté de philosophie de l'Université d'Ottawa. . . 5
Léon Charette
La Faculté de philosophie de l'Université d'Ottawa: un regard historique . . . 9
Sylvio Ducharme, O.M.I.
Réponse à l'hommage rendu aux Obiats anciens professeurs de philosophie à lUniversité d'Ottawa . . . 21

Deuxième partie
Jacques Croteau, O.M.I.
Psychologie empirique et philosophie de l'être . . . 25
Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
St. Thomas, our Natural Lights, and the Moral Order . . . . 59
Renzo Brun del Re
La Mise en veilleuse de la métaphysique dans l'oeuvre de John Rawls . . .93

No. 1, avril 1985


Introduction . 3
L'égalité humaine, utopie ou réalité? . 5
Jean-Louis Allard, Université d'Ottawa
Some Difficulties concerning the Notion of Inalienable Rights. 27
Ralph Nelson, University of Windsor
La Charte canadienne des droits et libertés . 59
Gérald A. Beaudoin, Université d'Ottawa
L'organisation des Nations Unies et les droits de l'homme  . 81
Yvon Beaulne, ex-ambassadeur près le Saint-Siège
Canada and Human Rights - Le Canada et les droits de la personne./ .. 89
Rita Cadieux, vice-présidente de la Commission Canadienne des droits de la personne
Les abus de la psychiatrie et l'Association mondiale de psychiatrie - Psychiatric Abuse and the World Psychiatric Association . . 97
Jean-Yves Gosselin, M.D., World Psychiatric Association
Un ouvrage irremplagable sur Etienne Gilson . 107
Léon Charette, Université d'Ottawa