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Key Papers:

2011. Neural network detected in a presumed vestigial trait: ultrastructure of the salmonid adipose fin. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B (published online July 6th 2011)

2010. Egg hull formation in Callochiton dentatus: the contribution of microapocrine secretion. Invert Biol. 129: 319-327.

2009. Ultrastructure of hull formation during oogenesis in Rhyssoplax tulipa: Invert. Reprod. Dev.53: 165-174.

2008. Fertilization biology and the evolution of chitons: Amer. J. Malacol.  25: 97-111.

2006. Spermatogenesis in Serpulorbis and its implications for phylogeny of gastropods.

2006. Fertilization in chitons: morphological clues to phylogeny (Venus 65: 51-70)

2005. Paraspermatogenesis of Cerithioidean Snails: retention of an acrosome and nuclear remnant

2005. Paraspermatogenesis in Ceratostoma foliatum (Neogastropoda): confirmation of programmed nuclear death.

2001. Atlas of Larval Invertebrates. Co-Author of two chapters on Mollusca: 1. Gastropoda;  and 2. Polyplacophora, Aplacophora, Scaphopoda; with contributions to chapters on Cephalopoda and Bivalvia.

2000. Fertilization in Callochiton castaneus (Mollusca)

1998. Prosobranch Parasperm: Sterile Germ Cells that Promote Paternity? 

1995. Was internal fertilization an innovation of early Bilateria? Evidence from sperm structure of a mollusc. 

1995. Haidadinium icthyophilum gen.nov. et sp.nov.(Phytodiniales, Dinophyceae), a Freshwater Ectoparasite on Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) from the Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada. 

1993. Hull Cupules of Chiton Eggs: Parachute Structures and Sperm Focusing Devices?

1988. Fertilization in a Chiton: Acrosome-Mediated Sperm-Egg Fusion 

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