Collaborations with Other Researchers

Dr. Tom Reimchen
Dr. Arkadiy Reunov
Dr. Glenys Gibson
Dr. Christiane Todt
Dr. Alan Hodgson
Dr. Christoffer Schander


Dr. Tom Reimchen, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
We are collaborating on several projects, including 1). The neuroanatomy of the adipose fin of salmonid fishes. Megan Gillis (Honours Student '07) and I found evidence that the adipose fin is innervated, contrary to expectations. This supported Reimchen and Temple's 2004 discovery that the adipose fin is important as a flow sensor in young salmonids. Ms has been submitted to Proc Roy Soc. Lond ser B. 2). In 1990  we discovered a unique dinoflagellate parasite of endemic stickleback from Haida Gwaii, which has at least 16 life history stages.  We published a series of papers one with David Garbary in which we classified the species as Haidadinium ichthyophilum (Phytodiniales).See publications #25, 26, 35, 36


Dr. Arkadiy Reunov, A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok, Russia.  Arkadiy and I are collaborating on a series of papers on egg hull formation in chitons.  We have discovered two new types of microapocrine secretion mechanism that by-pass the normal route through the RER and Golgi body. We also came to completely different conclusions than those published, as to how these egg envelopes are formed, which will revolutionize this field of inquiry. Our next project is to examine the sperm of Erginus sp. an internally fertilizing limpet found in Vladivostok Bay that breeds under the ice! Dr. Reunov was granted the James Chair Professorship during his stay at St Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Christoffer Schander and Dr. Christiane Todt,  University of Bergen, Bergen N-5020, Norway. I made two visits to Norway in '06 and '07 to examine chitons and aplacophorans from the deeps of fjords, Christoffer and I published a paper on the fertilization in Stenosemus albus after the first visit. Christiane and I are working on spermatogenesis and mature sperm structure in solenogasters and chaetoderms collected on the second visit.

Dr. Alan Hodgson, Department of Zoology, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

We have two projects in progress: 1). Oogenesis and egg hull formation in Leptochiton asellus and other lepidopleurids. We are trying to establish the plesiomorphic mechanism of hull formation in chitons and compare this to hull formation in Callochitonidae and Chitonida. Recent studies by Buckland-Nicks and Reunov (2009, 2010) have shown that unique mechanisms of microapocrine secretion are operating in chiton hull formation and that the function of oocyte and follicle cells in this process varies considerably in different taxa. 2). We also are examining spermatogenesis in an unusual Williamia sp. limpet from Hawaii.

Dr. Glenys Gibson, Department of Biology, Acadia University, Wolfville, N.S. Canada.

Glenys Gibson, myself and Ron Koss wrote two chapters for the book entitled "An Atlas of Marine Invertebrate Larvae" (edited by Craig Young, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst.). The first was entitled 'Gastropoda' and the second was 'Polyplacophora, Aplacophora and Scaphopoda'.  Glenys and I held a Symposium entitled: "Plasticity and Diversity in the Evolution of Marine Invertebrate Larvae" at the 9th ICIRD congress on invertebrate reproduction in South Africa, organized by Alan Hodgson.


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