CSCI 544: Computational Logic (Winter 2022)

Course Description

This course focuses on automated theorem proving. We start with a rigorous treatment of propositional and first order calculus and the method of natural deduction, giving a thorough investigation of the soundness and completeness proofs and decidability. Then we compare and contrast several automated theorem proving methods such as tableau, resolution, sequent style calculus and rewrite systems. Extensions to other logics will be discussed.

See the course outline for more information.

Course Details

Lecture Time/Place

Monday, 1:15pm–2:05pm; Wednesday, 12:15pm–1:05pm; Friday, 11:15am–12:05pm

All lectures are held in Mulroney Hall, room 2032.


M. Fitting, First-Order Logic and Automated Theorem Proving. Springer-Verlag, 2nd edition, 1996.

The textbook is not required, but is useful as a secondary reference. Course notes will also be provided for each lecture.

Marking Scheme

You must complete the group lecture and individual report components in order to pass the course. You may not complete one without completing the other.



Week Notes Readings
1 Introduction Fitting, Ch. 1
2 Propositional logic: syntax and semantics Fitting, 2.1–2.5
3 Propositional logic (cont’d): semantic tableaux Fitting, 3.1–3.2, 3.4–3.7
4 Propositional logic (cont’d): natural deduction Fitting, 4.1–4.2
5 Propositional logic (cont’d): resolution Fitting, 3.3–3.4, 3.7
Winter study break
6 Predicate logic: syntax and semantics Fitting, 5.1–5.3
7 Predicate logic (cont’d): semantic tableaux Fitting, 6.1, 6.3–6.4
8 Predicate logic (cont’d): natural deduction Fitting, 6.5–6.6
9 Predicate logic (cont’d): ground and general resolution Fitting, 6.2, 6.3–6.4
10 Group lectures
11 Group lectures
12 Group lectures


Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late assignments will be accepted up to the beginning of the first class following the due date. Late assignments are subject to a penalty of 10% deducted from the earned mark.

The group lecture and individual report must be submitted on the due date. Late submissions will not be accepted.



Taylor J. Smith
Email: tjsmith [at] stfx [dot] ca
Office: Annex, Room 9A
Student hours: Thursday, 9:15am–11:15am