Todd A. Boyle, Ph.D.
Professor of Operations Management


SafetyNET-Rx is a quality improvement program designed to help pharmacies reduce and learn from medication errors and near misses, collectively known as Quality Related Events (QRE). More specifically, the objective of SafetyNET-Rx is to enhance patient safety through a community pharmacy-based quality management program. The program encourages pharmacies to apply a set of standardized business processes, quality management practices, and integrated information technologies (IT) to identify, report, analyze and learn from QREs.

Key elements of SafetyNET-Rx include a CQI cycle tailored to community pharmacies, online reporting of QREs to a national database, annual completion of a medication safety self-assessment questionnaire, quarterly staff meetings in the pharmacy to discuss reported QREs and plan workflow and dispensing changes; and access to store-level, provincial, and national aggregate data on QREs for analysis of root causes. SafetyNET-Rx is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF), and Canada Foundation for Pharmacy, along with significant in-kind contributions from the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists and Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada.