Biology 304


The tutorial on writing a lab report is available; the PowerPoint lecture may also prove useful. A useful page on the technical points of writing style is provided. You will be expected to write a clean report in formal, scientific writing. In addition, there is a page with graphing tips that you should read prior to, or as you create, your graphs. Remember, hand-drawn graphs are perfectly acceptable, as long as they are done correctly. Also, you can download a MS Word document outlining how to create a table.

Some constructive criticism of graded lab reports from previous years can be found here.


Links to lab reviews

membranes   kidney
muscles - general skeletal smooth
BP-EKG Metabolism cardiac

Physiological Links:



The myoneural junction and the effect of botulism.

Think "Botox".

Some background on Riboflavin. 

Colour blindness tests.


The electrocardiogram.


A sample lab exam question can be found here.

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